Volume 31, No. 4: August, 2017


 2 On the Cover: Steamboat Arabia Sinks
 4 President: As I See It
 5 Joanne’s Jottings
 6 Eclipse Along the Santa Fe Trail
 7 PNTS, Kaw Mission Programs
 8 Symposium 2017: “The Santa Fe Trail: America’s First Highway of International Commerce”
10 SFTA Proposed Bylaw Changes
12, 13, 21 Trail News
14 Diaries of Smith Archibald Sayre, by Gratton J. Giles
17 Juan de Dios Maese: New Mexican Leader 1821-1852, by Doyle Daves
22 Who was John Perry Sellar?, by Michael L. Olsen
24 Frank Stahl Diaries on Website
24 Chapter Reports
25 Membership Information
28 Calendar

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