Wagon Tracks

Wagon Tracks is the official quarterly publication of the Santa Fe Trail Association, it covers the activities of the association and its chapters, and offers research articles about the history of the Santa Fe Trail.

Wagon Tracks is the official publication of the Santa Fe Trail Association.  Published quarterly, Wagon Tracks is the communication link of the SFTA. Each issue comes filled with information about current activities taking place along the Santa Fe Trail and research articles about the Santa Fe Trail. In addition, you will find book reviews of newly published books related to the era of the Trail and information from the SFTA’s Chapters, as well as other items of interest to SFTA members. Access to the most current issue of Wagon Tracks, as well as an annual subscription are benefits received by members of the SFTA. However all past issues of the publication are available on this site as a public service. Annual subscriptions are obtained through membership in SFTA. For more information about membership in the Santa Fe Trail Association, please visit the organization's Official Website.

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Volume 31, No. 4: August, 2017

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