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2013 Conference eJournal 2013 NMSKC Closing Ceremony Abstract   VIDEO
Marisa Silva
2013 Conference eJournal Assessment of In Vitro Cytotoxicity of N-isopropyl Acrylamide and Poly(N-isopropyl) Acrylamide) Abstract   JPG   PDF
Marta A Cooperstein, Heather Canavan
2013 Conference eJournal Ballet Folklorico: Origins and Contrasts Abstract   VIDEO
Fabian Pino
2013 Conference eJournal By Design: Building Trust in Virtual Teams Abstract   HTML   PDF
Melisa Beach, Sue Coates, Carol Hinton, Denise Montoya
2013 Conference eJournal Democracy in the Borderland, Empowering the Voice of the Mestizo Abstract   HTML   PDF
Armando Altamirano
2013 Conference eJournal Evaluation of the Toxicity of Viral Vaccines to the Central Nervous System of Rainbow Trout Abstract   JPG   PDF
Erin Larragoite
2013 Conference eJournal Flute Choir Abstract   VIDEO
Shao-Yu Chen, Lauren Harris, Cassandra Willette, Alexandra Gruetzner, Yitong Albert Liu
2013 Conference eJournal Korean Heritage Language Teachers' Perspectives: Their Expectations and Challenges Abstract   HTML   PDF
Mihye Han
2013 Conference eJournal Localization of Inhibited Neural Response in Subjects with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Abstract   JPG   PDF
Andrew M Meier, Pilar Sanjuan, Per Arnold Lysne, Robert Thoma
2013 Conference eJournal Mapping the Mesa: Identifying complexities that continue to hinder planning development in Pajarito Mesa, NM Abstract   HTML   PDF
Gabriela de la Torre, Erin Chavez, Lucas Pedraza, Rodney Moises Gonzales
2013 Conference eJournal Monster: Everywhere Continuous, Nowhere Differentiable Functions Abstract   JPG   PDF
Yuridia Leyva, Audrey Padilla
2013 Conference eJournal People of Color in the U.S. Who Have Children Diagnosed with ASD and Their Experiences, Perceptions, and Attitudes of the Special Education Process Abstract   JPG   PDF
Lenell D Walton
2013 Conference eJournal Physical Properties of Engineered Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Dictate Biodistribution and Clearance Abstract   JPG   PDF
Paul Durfee, Jason Townson, Yu-Shen Lin, Bryce Chackerian, Jeff Brinker
2013 Conference eJournal Provost's Research Scholars - Hearing the Student Voice Abstract   JPG   PDF
John Reyes, Guadalupe Saldivar, Tim Hand, Shelly Stovall
2013 Conference eJournal The Hottest Trends in Asian Culture 2013 Abstract   VIDEO
Kyle Phan
2013 Conference eJournal Underserved Students: Evaluation Student Resources at UNM Using the Student Perspective Abstract   JPG   PDF
Carolina Belmares-Ortega
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