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1926-1940 Comprehensive Index

NMHR Editorial Staff


This comprehensive index has been prepared,. and is now published by the Historical Society and the University of New Mexico, in the hope that it may make more available the historical material which has appeared in the first fifteen volumes of the NEW MEXICO HISTORICAL REVIEW. Without such an aid, the reader who seeks data on some particular subject must needs turn to fifteen different indexes-some of which were much too limited in scope, or might have to scan many parts of the 60,000 pages which make up the volumes.

Doubtless those who use the index will discover faults of omission and of commission, but the editor hopes that these may be neither many nor serious. For the last six months he has devoted to the task all the time which he could command, and it does not seem wise longer to delay publication.

The editor is glad of the opportunity to call attention to the long list of writers whose valued contributions during these fifteen years have made the quarterly the success which it is. It is a remarkable fact that, at no time since its initiation,has the quarterly lacked good and sufficient copy; and this is apt to remain true indefinitely because of the abundant source material now available and because of the continued interest in the field of Southwestern history.

It is a genuine pleasure also to tabulate the names of our associate editors whose helpful cooperation has continued through the years; and especially is this true of our colleague, Paul A. F. Walter. Not only has he guided the business interests of our quarterly but he has also been one of our most appreciated contributors; moreover on three separate occasions when the writer has been called away for archival work, each time it has been Mr. Walter who could be depended upon to carry on. To him especially and also to all our fellow-workers may the publishing of this index bring some measure of the recognition due them.

Albuquerque, New Mexico,
June 16, 1941

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