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La Crónica de Nuevo México Submission Guidelines

La Crónica de Nuevo México, the quarterly newpaper from the Historical Society of New Mexico (HSNM), publishes timely articles, news, and book reviews about the history and the preservation of New Mexico culture and property. Articles should contribute new information to the body of knowledge about New Mexico, both present and past. Consult the past article index on the website under La Crónica de Nuevo México to verify that your topic hasn't been covered. La Crónica is published in January, April, July, and October. Queries regarding submission guidleines and articles are welcome and may be addressed to the editor at

By submitting your article, you give the HSNM a one-time permission to publish your article in La Crónica and permission for subsequent posting in the La Crónica archive and/or digital research archives on the HSNM website. Although the entire issue of La Crónica is copyrighted in the name of the HSNM, copyright to the article remains in the author's name. Articles may be edited or abridged at the editor's discretion.