Vol. 46 is coming!

The publication of Vol. 46 is delayed, but it's coming and will be out with our new publisher, University of Nebraska Press, in the spring.  
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HG moves to new publisher

Announcing Historical Geography's move to University of Nebraska Press with v. 46 (2018).  
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Vol. 45 (2017) is now published

The most recent version of the journal is now available.  
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Vol. 44 (2016) is now open access

Last year's issue is now freely available without a subscription.  
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Vol. 44 (2016) now available

Announcing the publication of Historical Geography, Vol. 44 (2016).  
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Vol. 44 "in press"

Historical Geography's "in press" issue for 2016 is now available full open access to all subscribers and readers. The issue includes 14 new book reviews of current work in historical geography, as well as the lavishly illustrated text of the 2016 Distinguished Historical Geography lecture by William Wyckoff. We hope you enjoy this summer reading, and look forward to publishing the full issue in the fall, including our special issue on Feminist Historical Geographies and new research articles.  
Posted: 2016-06-16

Vol. 43 (2015) has been published

Announcement for Vol. 43  
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Vol. 43 in "early view"

New in-press papers for HG vol. 43 are now available online in first ‘early-view’ edition  
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Vol 42 (2014) has been published

The 2014 volume has been published. It is available to paid subscribers only for the first 12 months, at which time it will switch to open-acess.  
Posted: 2014-12-30

Volume 41 (2013) now open access

The 2013 volume  is now freely available via open access. Click on the PDF or HTML icons to access individual articles.  
Posted: 2014-12-30
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